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Ellise Turner

Age: 22 

Resides: Sydney, Australia

Snowboard stance: Goofy 

Favourite mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb

Inspirations: friends, family and coaches 

Goals: Represent Australia in World Cup and the Winter Olympic Games 

"I'm constantly freezing at the snow and actually suffer from Raynaud syndrome (poor circulation) a pretty common condition. So apart from extreme layering and not being able to move which was not ideal, I never explored any other solutions until I started to research heated clothing and came across Warm and Safe Heated Clothing. It was the highest quality heated clothing I could find which is exactly what I need to battle the cold climates reaching -30 celcius! Makes so much difference, allowing my muscles to stay warm and also not wasting energy shivering and running on the spot to stay warm! Serious game changer. So stoked!"


Ellise is currently living in Whistler where her team Reign is based for the northern hemisphere winter. She will be travelling around North America at the end of January to begin competing in the North American Cup.
She is hoping to collect a few podiums in order to qualify for World Cup next year.
Ellise will be travelling to Argentina in September for the South American Cup and then Europe for the European Cups in December.
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