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Ellise Turner

Age: 22 

Resides: Sydney, Australia

Snowboard stance: Goofy 

Favourite mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb

Inspirations: friends, family and coaches 

Goals: Represent Australia in World Cup and the Winter Olympic Games 

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Cody Dyce

Age: 17 

Resides: Tinamba, Australia

Rider Number: 33 

Career Highlight: MXD CHAMPION 2017

What would Cody be doing if he didn't race motocross: still be at school and working.

Hobbies: riding BmX, Fishing, Hanging out with mates.

James Alen

Age: 21 

Resides: Valencia Creek, Australia

Rider Number: 52 

Career Highlight: 11th overall in the Pro 450 (MX1) Championship in 2017.

What would I be doing if I didn't race motocross: I would probably be traveling the world doing something I loved, I've always wanted to be a professional sky diver and I've got a strong interest in videography.

Hobbies: videography, Bmx riding, Mountain bike riding, hanging with Mates..

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