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Heated Socks 7.4 Volt including Battery, Lanyard, Charger and Pouch

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Made for the outdoors person or the elderly with heat in the toe area where one actually gets cold. Made from micro fleece, they are not bulky and using the latest in flat heat technology, you do not feel wires. So unlike the other products on the market, our heated socks keep your feet warm where they get cold!

These new Socks comes as a kit and includes with the 7.4volt battery and lanyard.  

We made this product, like most of our 7.4V heated products to help people who need to stay warm when doing normal activities as well as sports. But we were really pushed because of people we know with MS, Lupes and Reynauds. This will open up activities to people that have trouble with the cold. Please pass the word.
Warm, Light and Thin.



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